25 November, 2020

"How long can they hold Jaffna?"

As the Sri Lankan Army sought to wrap up its offensive on Jaffna, the LTTE's International Committee General Secretary, Lawrence Thilakar, was confident that the fall of Jaffna would not be a serious setback to the rebel outfit. Speaking to
"How long can they hold Jaffna?"

How serious a setback will it be for you if Jaffna falls?

I don’t see it as a setback for us. For the Sri Lankan military it will be a tactical advantage, getting into the Jaffna peninsula. But the question is, how long can they hold the territory. In doing so, they are going to lose the eastern area and that’s a very contested area. On the other hand, the government’s other objective is to kill more LTTE fighters, sympathisers, artists and intellectuals. But they cannot do that as the people have fled form the advancing army. All the government achieved was to kill civilians by aerial bombardments and artillery shelling. As far as winning the hearts and minds of the people is concerned, in that also it’s a total future.

How long will it take you to reclaim Jaffna?

We are there. We will always be there. The government troops will be resisted every inch. And what I can say is, the government cannot stay there for a long time with the limited number of troops that it can deploy there indefinitely.

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