03 August, 2021

How I killed Rohith Vemula

Would any of the self-righteous, concerned voices have bothered about Rohith Vemula’s life and travails if he had not died so eloquently?

How I killed Rohith Vemula

We would have felt proud if the Vice Chancellor has (sic) told that we were suspended because we organized Ambedkar Vardhanthi, Babri Masjid demolition day and Beef festival in the last week. Anyways, this is not the first. Assertion of Dalits has been met with these kind of cunning suppression all over India—It’s Christmas month, resurrection is more than likely in this season.

Rohith Vemula
18 December 2015, Facebook post

Dear Rohith,

I have no shame. I am a vulture. I am not outraged (in some of the circles I move in I pretend I am, though after reading news of your death I forgot to even skip lunch). I feed off death. I am a brahmin.

Let me begin by telling you how this came about: your being dead and my being asked to write this commentary. Your death gave Krishna Prasad, Outlook’s editor, reason to call me after many months. I mumbled something about feeling gutted, about walking around in a fog—I did briefly think...

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