25 February, 2021

How DU Was Baptised In ABVP Fire

Delhi University professor Prasanta Chakravarty, who was beaten up during students' protest against ABVP, says that right-wing sentiment on campus has ­increased

Photograph by HT
How DU Was Baptised In ABVP Fire

Prasanta Chakravarty, an English professor at Delhi University, was hospitalised after being beaten up during the protest against ABVP. This is his take on what happened and the larger context.

I was at the protest march against the right-wing hooliganism that had prevented JNU research scholar Umar Khalid and others from attending a panel discussion the previous day at Ramjas College in Delhi University. I am at solidarity events like this nearly every other week. There were students who were protesting against the hooliganism and there was one group that was clearly agitating. Suddenly, a bunch of them jumped on me and dragged me away. I was being strangled with my scarf. My colleagues couldn’t see what is happening and by the time they could reach me, the damage was already done. I was kicked with heavy boots, which has affected the pleura of my lungs and rib cage. Now I am in a rib brace and getting physiotherapy done.

The police were there, but as onlookers. I tried to resist the attackers. But with 10-12 people attacking me, it...

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