25 January, 2021

How Did They Find Way Into The System?

Signs of a rot showed earlier too. This time, judges have painted themselves into a corner. After all, selection to the superior judiciary hasn’t ever been foolproof.

How Did They Find Way Into The System?

The judiciary, specially the Supreme Court, is a much respected and admired institution in our country. We, as a nation, are so proud of it that we dislike even questioning its set-up and working, even though many of us know that its functioning is far from ideal. We like to believe that the Supreme Court is a haloed temple of justice with judges being its erudite high priests. Proclivity to be over-questioning or over-critical of the courts in general and the Supreme Court in particular is also curbed by the salutary eff­ect of the provisions for conte­mpt of courts! So, on both measu­res—carrot and stick—we believe, like to believe, are conditioned to believe and fear believing otherwise, that the wisdom and integrity of the court and its judges are bey­ond reproach.

It is in this background that the recent press conference by four senior-most Supreme Court judges came as a huge shock to everyone. The common man, not over-­acquainted with the working of the judiciary, was plainly rattled to see the self-generated halo around the Supreme...



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