02 August, 2021

How About A King Commission In India?

South Africans resent that suspect players from the subcontinent seem to get away

How About A King Commission In India?

As a stunned South Africa reels in disbelief at the sensational revelations being made before the King Commission, many in the cricket-mad country feel match-fixing allegations against Indian cricketers too need to be brought under the lens.

Though each damning testimony by current and ex-Proteas players imbeds nails deeper into their erstwhile captain's coffin, South Africans across the racial spectrum are still grappling to come to terms with the fall of their cricketing icon. But with the likelihood of a life ban on Cronje and other guilty players intensifying with each passing day at the King Commission deliberations, enraged South African fans are questioning why it is only South African cricket that is being subjected to a purge.

Almost in chorus, there are deafening cries for an icc-sanctioned commission of inquiry into the affairs of all Test-playing nations, particularly India. The latter are being perceived as exceptional muckrakers when it came to the match-fixing scandal involving Cronje but masterful at covering up similar speculation involving their own...

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