28 October, 2020

“Houses Or Concrete Pillboxes?”

Chennai's brutish architectural travesties.

R.A. Chandroo
“Houses Or Concrete Pillboxes?”

The New Moore Market: When the old Moore Market, a splendid caravanserai of a building in red brick next to the Chennai Central Station, was destroyed in a fire, the authorities promised to build a new one. The result is an architectural travesty. The facade imitates features of the old Moore Market, but the inside is a haven of distress.

Statuary at the Beachfront: If the tradition is to instal a Ganesha statue at the corner of every dead-end, prominent citizens block every traffic junction. A statue of a mythical beast, one-headed creation of a bull and elephant locked in mortal combat graces one end of the road on the Marina beach.

Beachfront combat carved in stone. (Photograph by R.A....



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