21 September, 2020

House Of Tradition

English sensibility, Indian ethos

House Of Tradition
IN the first chapter of this book, the narrator offers us proof that she is not an inhibited woman. She stumbles in a crowd and falls to the pavement.Unembarrassed, she sits back on her haunches and examines her toenails to check on the polish. While thus occupied, she finds time for a few reflections. "Being an Indian is not easy, you have so many forces coming at you so swiftly you whirl this way and that.... Being a woman is even more special and if you happen to be born into a liberated family you're really in for something."

This is the first page, and she has already told us what the novel is to be about. On the same page she introduces her parents: "Beautiful, intelligent, moving ahead faster than the country." She also describes her seduction, or attempted seduction, by a fellow college student. She chooses him to be her first lover as he is more mature than the other male students: he has a moustache and smokes cigarettes. Once in bed, he invites her to admire his penis, but does not...



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