12 May, 2021

House Of Horrors

Probably the best thing that ever happened to India is that so many of the corrupt and incompetent are busy in Parliament.

illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
House Of Horrors
So, they sat and reshuffled. You might well have been in Las Vegas. The likelihood of the Indian people winning in this game is as low as hitting the jackpot in the mafia-run gaming tables or slot machines. The reshuffled cards they dealt had at least two jokers, one King, two Jacks and did I miss a Queen, or is she still in the closet? Did the reshuffle mean anything would change for us, the people? Would it mean better governance? Would it mean that all the flowery promises in the manifesto for an India with education, water, electricity, medical care for all, including rural India, actually happen? Hell, even the average Delhiite can't get these necessities without a petitionary prayer to God up there and the grease of a palm to the local God down here. What this reshuffle really showed up was that getting the country on track is low on the priority list, getting re-elected is on top. This displayed institutionalised cynicism, where politicians do not even have to appear that they have the best interests of the nation in mind but can flaunt party and self-interest above all. Why...

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