30 November, 2020

'Hope We're Not Forced To Arms'

A little after the NSCN(IM) and New Delhi agreed to continue the peace talks, the NSCN general secretary sent in his written replies to the questions submitted earlier this week.

'Hope We're Not Forced To Arms'

How does this round of peace talks address substantively the issues that led Nagas to take to arms? 
It must be understood clearly that the confrontation between the Government of India and the Nagas was not at all started by the Nagas. The Nagas undoubtedly believed in the doctrine of non-violence and respected Gandhi's non-violent movement against colonial rule. They believed in his commitment to them: "Nagas have every right to be independent.. I do not believe in force and forced upon.. I believe in the brotherhood of man... Nobody will force you. Congress government will not force you to do that."

When Gandhi was told that Sir Akbar Hydari was threatening to use force if the Nagas would refuse to join the Union of India, Gandhi's response was: "Sir Akbar Hydari is wrong, he can never do that. I will go to the Naga Hills and let them shoot me first before a single Naga is shot." 

Knowing such attitude of Gandhi, Nagas were confident that the problems between India and the Nagas could be solved through peaceful means. This was the...



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