01 August, 2021

Homeward Diary

A Commonwealth Short Story Prize-winning author’s diary of events on his last link to Kashmir.

Homeward Diary

Dawn, March 1990, Home, Srinagar, Kashmir

Mother: Hurry up! The truck is ready to leave. The neighbours are waiting. Look after your sister.

Me: Why aren’t you coming with us?

Mother: We will get you back once the situation improves.

Me: But what if…?

Mother: At least, both of you will be safe.

Night, May 1990, Camp for the Displaced, Jammu

Sister: I’m thirsty. Will you get me some cold water?

Me: Can’t you wait till tomorrow? The water tanker will come at 5 a.m.

Evening, October 1992, Camp School for the Displaced, Udhampur

Boy 1: What are you going to do after passing Class 12?

Me: I don’t know. What about you?

Boy 1: Engineering, so that I can get a good job and support my family.

Me: And what will you...

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