29 July, 2021

Homeschooling Diary

Three languages in a year, meteor showers and jungle tamarind candies! Freedom and happiness in the present guide their self-learning: not strict hours or curricular structures.

Illustration by Saahil
Homeschooling Diary
Leisure Pleasure

When the lockdown started last year and the main park in the locality was closed, we wandered to the end of our small township in Assam and my kids discovered bamboo scaffolding, possibly used for tents in better days. For the next 15 days, they would go there every day and climb the structure—sometimes, even foraging for wood apples from a nearby tree. With our three kids in the house—eight-year-old daughter and five year-old twin sons—there is never a lack of bizarre ideas for self-entertainment. The lockdown meant that house-helps were not allowed. The kids were told to help clean up. The elder one assumed the role of Cinderalla, touching the floor just so lightly with her broom and the younger ones ran trains in the room with their wet ‘pocha’. This would infuriate my adult mind that just wanted to get over with the job. But leisure is a hallmark of their lives. Pursuing things at their own pace, undisturbed by...

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