22 October, 2020

Holes In The Epoch

Catharsis, anger, embitterment and joy...Saddam's arrest leaves Iraqis in a midstream medley Updates

Holes In The Epoch
A dirt-caked outbuilding on a dusty farm road near the city of Tikrit. A bedroom strewn with soiled laundry. And just outside, what is now the world's most famous hole. Two profoundly different things happened when US soldiers lifted the polystyrene lid at 8.30 pm, December 13, revealing Saddam Hussein, bedraggled and bewildered, staring into the harsh light of an uncertain, and possibly unsettling, justice. That a lifetime's burden fell from the bruised Iraqi psyche there can be no doubt. As for triumphal American dreams of a fast exit from a country destined for stable democracy, nothing but doubt remains.

For eight miserable months now, Iraqis have struggled not only with the quest for fuel, electricity, food and jobs, but also for closure from the anguish of Saddam's prolific tyranny. When the first tawdry, televised images of his dishevelled self arrived the next day, the streets of the country emptied. Huddled together, Iraqis stared transfixed at the weirdly compliant bearded face of their former horror blankly receiving the probe of a military doctor's tongue...


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