22 October, 2020

Hit By A List

Let anyone show me a single line I have written in my 23 years as journalist that is anti-Muslim.

Hit By A List

Everything looks strange when I give it a thought.

I never thought that I would be on the hit-list of terrorists, not even in my dreams. As of now, I have been saved. For a time being, at least. Because I believe in the saying that ‘there will be many killers but the saviour is only one.’ Had Bangalore police failed to sniff off the terrorists’ plan, I would have been ‘Breaking News’ on television; on the front pages of newspapers.

Death is as natural as birth, and it walks along with us in this lengthy journey called life. Moreover, death is as inevitable as birth. The strange thing about death is that it looks like a terrorist: it stalks its victims all the time and waits for the right time to kill. And, interestingly, everyone is on its hit-list, not even god can save us from death.

Such a thought makes the entire plot of the terrorists look like a cheap wrapper on the surface of an onion. Of course, that’s the kind of thought that has made me feel free and remain in doing what I have been doing....



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