23 June, 2021

His Jehad Is His Very Own

Not a Pak-Afghan-bred radical, the new Islamic warrior could be a regular American guy, swayed by Al Qaeda, but not part of it

His Jehad Is His Very Own

When Faisal Shahzad parked his SUV at the Times Square in New York in the diabolic hope of exploding it, he joined the growing list of ‘normal dudes’ who inexplicably turn radical Islamists, willing to stake their lives or riches for waging jehad against the world, particularly America and its allies. Faisal had everything going for him: an mba degree, a cushy job which he resigned from just a few months ago and a suburban lifestyle he shared with his wife and two kids. And then the madness, the rush of blood, leaving Americans gasping at the thought of the devastation the bomb could have wreaked had it exploded.

But Faisal isn’t a lone wolf in the jehadi jungle of bearded, religious, impoverished men who dream blood. Remember Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to trigger a plastic explosive on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit? He was a Nigerian, educated in Britain. Anwar al-Awalki secured a degree in civil engineering from Colorado State University before metamorphosing into a fire-breathing Islamic preacher....

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