20 June, 2021

His Dreams Of Banalata

Reads like a stylish str­eam-of-consciousness narrative immersing one’s mind in an internal monologue.

His Dreams Of Banalata

Sudeep Sen’s new book, EroText, is a collection of beautifu­lly etched micro-fiction—a debut book of fiction from a poet. It reads like a stylish str­eam-of-consciousness narrat­ive, quite akin to a speaker in a Woolf, Camus or Kafka novel­—immersing one’s mind in an int­ernal monologue. This interior position makes the narratives a complex underworld of desire, fear, feeling, introspec­t­ion and meditation. Rain, Maps, for instance, opens in a mesmerising montage:

“It has started raining—sharp shards of transparent sheets hit the glass of the win­dow that threatens to crack, but upon meeting its surface, melt to water. There is a constant blur of water outside. It is a curiously invi­ting scene, one that seems misty with flickering crystals glowing in parallel striati­ons—the patterns changing their tack depending on the wind’s mood-swings.”

Much like, and as in, an exi­stentialist predicament, the narratives switch points of view, creating a multiplicity of...

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