12 April, 2021

Himesh Reshamiya

Among Bollywood's highest-paid composers, he laughs off criticism. The box office tots up his success more surely than reviewers.

Himesh Reshamiya
Heard you’re getting into acting.

When did you start singing?
I had learnt classical singing from my father. But first I started producing and writing TV serials, doing music and now I’ve got into singing. I’ve been successful in every field. As I’m trained in music, it was the logical step.

You’re said to have compared yourself with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan?
No, I didn’t. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sang in a high-pitched voice for 30 years. No one said he sang in a nasal tone. I was attacked with the word ‘nasal’, not high-pitched. So I asked why nobody pointed this out in his case, why me?

Your stubble-and-cap look is getting rather predictable, isn’t it?
I agree.

And yet, why are you popular?
Because God wants me to be.

So, the secret of your success is...

A.R. Rahman says you provide what Nadeem did earlier to Bollywood?
I agree.

Which contemporary singer do you like?
Sonu Nigam.

Are you just a passing...

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