23 June, 2021

Himal Diary

A magazine that challenged nationalist establishments could not hope to access the mass market.

Himal Diary
A New Vertical

The initial idea of Himal, in 1987, was to exp­e­riment with long-form and attempt ‘cross­-border journalism’ when the term ‘cross-border terrorism’ was gaining traction. From our Kat­hmandu base, we covered the Himalaya-Hindu Kush ­region—from Balochistan to Yunnan, including the Tibetan rimland and adjacent areas. We realised soon that the Himalaya was hard geography being presented as a unitary Shangri La. For, while the 2,500 km chain spreads east­-west, the political-economy runs mostly north-south—Himachal to Punjab, Nepal to UP­-Bihar, Darjeeling/Sikkim to Bengal and so on. The journalism we sought was about longitude rather than latitude, unless we wanted to evolve as a magazine of nature and adventure, a National Geographic of the Himalaya.

The One-Word Solution

To try and give life to the historical continuities of the...

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