26 February, 2021

High On The Social Spirit

Liquor advertisements become messages of moderation

High On The Social Spirit
  • Tonight, when it's one for the road, make sure it's coffee.
  • Eat, drink and be merry... but... If you drink, please drink responsibly.
  • We don't want bread money. Liquor is one of the luxuries of life, to be bought and enjoyed only after the necessities are provided. Whoever needs bread for himself or his family, should not buy whisky.
  • When you drink too much you can't handle a car. You can't even handle a pen.

Wise words. And surprise, surprise, they come not from any public health department, but from the Tempters themselves. Liquor companies, in a burst of self-righteousness, are now advocating restrictive drinking. I used to feel that drinking is the mark of a man. Now I feel more like a man every time I turn down a drink,...

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