13 June, 2021

Hezbollah, Mossad And Lodhi Colony

Is a Delhi journalist’s arrest in the Israeli car attack a case of community bashing?

Sanjay Rawat
Hezbollah, Mossad And Lodhi Colony

Iranian Media

  • His arrest is a “Zionist interference” to derail India-Iran ties
  • Arrested under pressure from Israeli spy agency Mossad
  • Is being mentally tortured, protests on in India to free him


Israeli Media

  • Kazmi’s arrest has been hailed as a “breakthrough” in the case
  • His visits to Iran and Syria have been played up, described as an “Indian of Iranian origin”
  • Accused of being in touch with Lebanon’s Hezbollah


Like any other Class XII student across the country, Turab Kazmi ought to have been busy with his board exams this time of the year. Instead, he finds himself defending his father and trying to clear his name of the several damning charges thrown at him by the police and the media. “It really hurts to see someone who has spent over 25 years trying...

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