15 June, 2021

Hey, I Got A New Job

With the economic boom, niche jobs are bringing in the lucre

Kedar Bhat
Hey, I Got A New Job
Kartik Nath left his prestigious white-collar job as a financial consultant with an IT firm in Mumbai to be a full-time masseur. His family is still to come to terms with this "utter silliness" on his part, but Kartik has never felt so confident before. Statistics on the growth of the hospitality and tourism industry in India slide off his tongue, as smoothly as his fingers across a well-oiled back. After investing Rs 50,000 from his savings into a training module at a famous spa in the city, he was convinced that he'd found his true vocation. "Initially, I may have to rough it out, but the long-term returns of being a massage therapist can be better than what my current job provides. More importantly, I enjoy being a masseur," says the 25-year-old.

He isn't alone in his decision to step out of the box to earn his bread and butter. In the last five to six years, urban India has witnessed the emergence of a host of new professions, spawned by the economic boom that's still reverberating across the nation. A lot of these professions cater to a...

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