29 July, 2021

Heroes Of The Sartorial Wars

India has some world-class fashion institutes and a rapidly growing industry

Designs with fabrics from Odisha at NIFT Bhubaneswar
Heroes Of The Sartorial Wars

The world has borne witness to a legion of fashion warriors, arrayed in harness of glamour, take captive hordes of consumers across regions and brand them with their brands. There’s an endless, internecine conflict of colours, cuts and styles—and the battlefield is growing day by day, pushing the belligerents to forge new all­iances and capture regions for their support and survival. The whole world converges to compete for the coveted prize in fashion technology at the WorldSkills competition . In Ind­ia, fashion has been bullish about itself, and over the years we have seen the country’s own breed of fashion design warriors elevate it to one of the most glamorous, exciting, rewarding and promising career options in today’s world.

The textiles and garment industry, a great contributor to the Indian economy, is trying to grow into a centre of innovation in garments and design. Fashion and its gamut provide amp­le scope for choosing it as a career, and ­today, the industry has become so compartmentalised that it needs specialists in...

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