12 May, 2021

Here’s The Feelgood Option

Part-owner employees are loyal, happy-and rich. And the trend is not limited to the infotech sector either.

Here’s The Feelgood Option

Walter Saldanha. 24. Wears white T-shirt, blue jeans, Reeboks and a shy smile. Your average college-going kid with dreams of hitting it big. Only, this kid might hit the jackpot sooner than most of us can hope for.

Two years ago, Saldanha joined Aditi, a software start-up, at a stipend of Rs 5,000. Six months later, he got stock options. "Share prices till then were black ink on pink paper. I stashed away my options in a briefcase, shut it and forgot it," he says. Today, Saldanha’s sure he is sitting on a gold mine. On the computer screen in front of him, a small window keeps flashing the movement of infotech stocks. He does a quick calculation. Even if he holds only 1,000 shares (he won’t tell exactly) and all goes according to plan-Aditi goes public in a year and gets a respectable market capitalisation-he will be a clear millionaire by 28: "I don’t see how or why it won’t happen. If a Sonata share I bought at Rs 90 listed at Rs 200 and has touched Rs 2,500, I don’t see why Aditi shouldn’t open at Rs 800 and go to Rs 3-4,000 in...

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