14 June, 2021

Here Was A Caesar

Not only the greatest cricketer ever, he was the century's greatest sportsman

Here Was A Caesar
WHAT all of us should find rejoicing in the sad event of Sir Donald Bradman's death is that we were privileged to have seen him, heard him, and lived in the same century as him. The Don was not just the world's greatest batsman, he was also the world's greatest cricketer. Bradman showed that beauty is greatness with a difference—it is not only in the eyes of the beholder. And most likely, Bradman wasn't just the world's greatest cricketer, he was the world's greatest athlete—past, present or future.

This may seem normal exaggeration at the passing of an icon. It's not; my major regret is that I wasn't able to finish my research on establishing who is/was the world's greatest athlete or sportsperson while Bradman was still alive. But how does one establish that Bradman, or anybody else, was the world's greatest sportsman? How can one compare a Michael Jordan to a Tiger Woods to a Bradman?

The method to evaluate athletes within and across sports is identical—and simple. Pick an index of brilliance—batting average for a batsman and runs per wicket for a bowler....

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