20 June, 2021

Her Excellency Tin Tin

Usha Narayanan is more than just a companion to a statesman

Her Excellency Tin Tin

SHE'S Burmese by birth. She's a graduate from Rangoon University. She's Tin Tin who changed her name to Usha after marriage. And she's all set to become India's first lady.

"Well, Usha is more Indian than most. And she's waited long to see her husband enter Rashtrapati Bhawan," says a friend of the family. Having supported her husband in his diplomatic stints in Vietnam, Japan, Turkey and wherever. Nurturing his constituency. Hosting state banquets. Keeping conversations alive while her less gregarious husband plays a quieter host.

But Usha Narayanan is more than just a scholarly statesman's supportive wife. Her seven-year stint as president of a women's welfare NGO, Karuna, vouch many acti- vists, saw her making good use of her post graduate degree from the Delhi School of Social Work. Pointing out that Usha remains an enthusiastic patron, MP and present incumbent Margaret Alva says: "Easily accessible, Usha's done so much. She was responsible for building a working women's hostel in Ottapalam. But she prefers to be anonymous. She's not looking for front...

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