12 April, 2021

“Help, The Termites Are Spreading”

The grotesque, the barbaric and the kiss of death.

K.R. Vinayan
“Help, The Termites Are Spreading”

Fish Building: This grotesque four-storey building is on the way from the airport into town. So, alas, it is one of the first impressions a visitor gets of Hyderabad.

The ‘termite’ building in Jubilee Hills. (Photograph by K.R. Vinayan)

Termite building: This building in Jubilee Hills looks like it has been devoured by termites. Other similar looking buildings have since been spotted in town. Help, the termites are spreading!

Cyber Gateway: Looks like something out of a Star Wars nightmare: maybe the womb that gave birth to Darth Vader. Typical of the barbaric architecture of Hyderabad’s IT district.

Amrutha Castle: This bizarre hotel claims to be the...

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