06 December, 2020

Help On The Horror Highways

A couple survives a roadside nightmare and makes sure others don't have it so bad

Rajoo Solanky
Help On The Horror Highways
The nightmare is something like this. You are driving down the highway with your loved hrpones when a big fat truck with a drunken driver at the helm loses control and gives your car a nasty shove, the car overturns, the truck vanishes into the night, and all of you, injured very very badly, start screaming for help. And keep screaming. Nobody stops to help—ever. It is almost as if you are not there. This nightmare turns true on the highways of the country quite frequently, and deaths for want of timely help have been many. A couple went through something similar and decided they had to do something about it.

It all began four years ago, when Subroto and Sushmita Das met with an accident on the Baroda highway near Vasad. It was night. They had a cell phone but it had fallen into water. So all they could do was wave for help—throughout the night. "But every vehicle we tried to stop just sped past, ignoring us," recalls Subroto. Finally, at dawn, a kindly milkman on a motorbike stopped. He wheeled his vehicle to the middle of the highway to halt traffic and arranged for...



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