28 November, 2020

Heat From Home Fires

It's no longer the foreign hand alone in terror attacks: sleeper cells are doing it on their own

Heat From Home Fires
A couple of years after the 2002 Gujarat riots, Indian intelligence chanced upon material that was purportedly used by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to indoctrinate Indian Muslim youth and train them for terrorist activities. Among the CDs, posters and pamphlets, officials noticed a Reuters photograph shot during the riots in Ahmedabad. The image was of a tailor, Qutubuddin Ansari, pleading for life as he was set upon by a mob. The picture had become a device to incite Muslim youth in this country to take to violence. No one was certain then of the extent to which the ISI had succeeded in whipping up passions.

But now, in the aftermath of last week’s serial bombings in Ahmedabad and Bangalore, intelligence analysts are veering around to the view that motivated local hands have been involved in the terror strikes that have taken place after 2002. Many youths who crossed the borders to train in camps in Pakistan and Bangladesh seem to have returned to set up networks in cities across the country, equipped with the means to...



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