03 March, 2021

"He Was A Democrat, Indira Was Not"

Swedish writer Bertil Falk who is coming up with a biography on Freoze Gandhi on why he spent 40 years researching the 'forgotten Gandhi'

Photograph by Jitender Gupta
"He Was A Democrat, Indira Was Not"

Ludhiana may have a Feroze Gandhi market and Rae Bareli in UP an engineering college or two named after him. But the son-in-law of Nehru, husband of Indira Gandhi and father of Rajiv Gandhi is described as the 'forgotten Gandhi'. But 50 years after his death, a biog­raphy of Feroze Gandhi is being launched. In an int­erview to Outlook, Swedish writer Bertil Falk explains why he devoted 40 years researching the man.

Why would one write a biography of Feroze Gandhi?

Well, I have written it because nobody was interested in doing it (laughs). The more I read about Feroze bhai and the more I heard from people who knew him, my conviction grew that he deserved a biography.

You met Indira Gandhi in 1977 and were in Delhi the day she was assassinated, but instead of wri­­ting about her, you spent 40 years researching her late husband?

Oh, I found Feroze more fascinating. Both were nationalists and socialists. But Feroze was a democrat and she was not. He and Indira also...

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