24 September, 2020

He Spurned A Life Of Ease To Come Home And Help Out His Kin

He Spurned A Life Of Ease To Come Home And Help Out His Kin

IT is perhaps their only way of working out an oppressive, intense nostalgia. For many NRIs, the longing for, and desire to alleviate the poverty of the 'home country' manifests itself through generous donations for 'good causes' back home. But rarely does such philanthropy extend further than that. This aseptic patriotism generated by foreign climes, perhaps, does not allow for a renunciation of the good life. Therefore instances of these people, who've 'made it good', abandoning their settled and prosperous life abroad and returning to face the hard reality of India are few and far between. But then there's always someone who disproves a theory. And D.D. Choudhary is one such man. His is a story of an NRI who, after 20 lustrous years in the US, returned home to his nondescript village and devoted his life to its unpliftment.

Pothia, a small hamlet in the interiors of Bihar, is about 30 km away from Bhagalpur. Like many others villages that dot the Indian landscape, Pothia and its 1,200 residents have been completely...



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