27 July, 2021

Haven’t We Met Before?

A Facebook group to bring Kashmiri Muslims, Pandits together catches on

Tribhuvan Tiwari
Haven’t We Met Before?

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  • Srinagar-born group found a Facebook group to bring together Kashmiri Muslims, Pandits
  • In five months, already hits 1,000-member mark. Largest number from Delhi, followed by Srinagar and foreign cities.
  • Wants Pandits to have a living connection with Valley; plans to organise 100 homestays in Muslim homes in the Valley
  • SSARL members raise Rs 1 lakh for Kashmiri woman in hospital


In a film, this might have looked contrived. In real life, it was a moment of unscripted magic. A few Sundays ago, around a table in a crowded room in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar, sat a couple of dozen people, speaking animatedly. Until a few names were mentioned—Rahul, Sohail, Pradeep, Irfan—it was hard to tell who in that light-eyed, light-skinned, long-nosed crowd was Kashmiri Muslim or Pandit (apart from the odd skullcap-wearer). The talk, in Kashmiri and English, was about conflict, lost identities, shared...

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