13 June, 2021

Hasty Afterthoughts And A Paper Bomb

Few believe the BJP's claim that its N-doctrine is meant to generate a debate. Worse, in its pre-poll hurry, it may have left a few holes in critical areas.

Hasty Afterthoughts And A Paper Bomb
The world be damned. The government is in election mode. And it's time to play to the gallery at home. First it was the victory at Kargil, then the downing of the Atlantique in the Rann of Kutch. Now it's the release of the Indian Nuclear Doctrine.

The reassertion of India's nuclear status, through a codified document, expectedly jangled a few nerves the world over. New Delhi's new-found friends in the Clinton administration were not amused. The US state department spokesman, James Rubin, described the move to develop a minimum nuclear deterrent as unwise, the Pentagon and the US National Security Council felt the same. They revealed that the President had called for restraint and a resumption of the Lahore process in letters to Vajpayee and Sharif last week.

Pakistan, on its part, launched its fusillade from both Islamabad and Geneva, where the Conference on Disarmament is under way. India, of course, stuck to its guns. Coming as it did after Kargil, the Atlantique and the announcement of India's neutron bomb capability, the timing of the doctrine has been...

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