08 March, 2021

Has Anyone Seen The Timer?

Several intel agencies have converged on Hyderabad but, for now, it’s just raising old yarns

Has Anyone Seen The Timer?

It’s been over a week since the latest terror wave lashed Hyderabad but scores of people still keep amassing at the barricaded blast site in Dilsukhnagar near Konark theatre. Most take pictures on their mobiles, while many amateur investigators among them strain their necks to spot clues. Molten wax from candles lit for vigils covers the iron railings. For many in this city, there’s a sense of deja vu. Days they had hoped they had left behind have come back to revisit them.

Mohammed Rayeesuddin, 32, who’s been living with a constant terror tag hanging around his neck, is a perfect example. Arrested after the Mecca Masjid blasts in May ’07 and acquitted two years later, he was picked up again for questioning after the twin blasts in Dilsukhnagar on February 21. “I was given a good conduct certificate and compensation by the government. But we are now forced to undergo the trauma again,” he says. Rayeesuddin, who runs an electrical shop, was picked up on February 24 morning and taken to the Osmania University station and int­errogated...

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