24 January, 2021

Harvest Hate

Irrational, spiritless polemic

Harvest Hate
I must confess that plodding through the 432 pages of Shourie's latest offering to political polemics left me not with a questioning mind, which is the expressed objective of most polemics, but with considerable regret and even more puzzlement. Regret because Shourie does not emerge through the pages as a reasoned and informed scholar willing to persuade, or as someone who intends to engage others who may not share his views. Rather, he comes out much like one of the preachers from the Old Testament of the very religion he attacks, condemns, and dismisses - full of thunder, fire and brimstone, demanding a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.

Why would a man of his intellect stoop to the level of the pamphlets issued by right-wing fringe elements of Christianity, and write a book that obtains as a mirror image of the pamphlets he denounces? Why would an otherwise savvy politician see a conspiracy under every metaphorical stone? Why would he warn us in some detail against the mammoth conspiracies of the Christian missionaries to convert all Hindus at best, and...



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