11 April, 2021

Harsh Vardhan

The trousers are going down, blouses and cholis have no back (though that does save on cloth).

Illustration by Sorit
Harsh Vardhan

Michelle Obama rang me up at my New York hotel and we had a long chat over my concept of sex education without ‘vulgarisation’. She was quite impressed with my much-publicised views on the topic. Told me it was highly relevant to her and Barack because they had two daughters, the elder one almost ready for college. She wished for a long, personal chat with me at the White House but I had to fly back to India and if the government came to know that I had met the First Family before its scheduled meeting with Modiji in September, it could lead to protocol problems. 

Yet over the telephone we discussed many of these issues. When I told her that I had been health-cum-education minister in the Delhi government, she was quite impressed, adding I was qualified to be “morals minister” too. Yes, Michelle told me in confidence she had talked to her daughters about the facts of life but they seemed to know more than her on the topic. The elder daughter had taken part in a school project and completed an assignment which concluded that the original Kama...

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