28 October, 2020

Happy Birthday To Us

Happy Birthday To Us

Only the brave or the foolish would risk making a case for newsmagazines a week after the 80-year-old Newsweek announced that its dead-tree version would be buried at the end of 2012. But, hey, it’s fun trying to prove Tina Brown wrong! So here goes—‘seventeen’ reasons why newsmagazines will survive, even if they will struggle to thrive, in India that is, not the US of A.

SBecause the newsmagazine is the only pan-national print media vehicle in our country. The newspaper you read at home is not what you might in your office. Not everybody watched the TV show you did. But an Outlook Mr Dutt gets in Jungpura is the Outlook Mrs Goswami will in Kamrup. In the global village, a newsmagazine alone has the architecture and ambience for a shared discussion on current affairs amongst citizens and consumers, so vital for a democracy.

EBecause the newsmagazine has a long shelf-life. This minute’s ‘Exclusive’ on one TV channel is next...



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