20 April, 2021

Hansraj Bhardwaj

I’m a sycophant and loyalist—the perfect Congressman who can do U-turns at the drop of a hat

Illustration by Sorit
Hansraj Bhardwaj

At the very outset, let me say I have personally nothing against Karnataka chief minister Dr Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yediyurappa (for the ignorant, the honorary doctorate was conferred in 2008 by Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan, for his contributions in public life!). Yeddy is a nice man to have kesari baath and filter coffee with at breakfast but one must also admire his ability to run a corrupt government efficiently. As a law mantri of some experience (I started in the ’80s), I’ve seen and dealt with a lot of corruption first hand. However, Yeddy’s blatant style has left me confounded as well as bedazzled. The man, I tell you, is remarkable. As my good friend Ottavio Quattrocchi recently observed, “Robbery and violence are normally called ‘injustice’, but when they are practised wholesale by rulers, they are justice.” (Of course, one must point out here that this wise observation was originally made by Plato. But then, in this age of plagiarism does it matter if one stakes claim to...

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