02 August, 2021

Hand-Woven Darkness

DeMo and GST are like the warp and woof of a dismal handicrafts canvas

Gloom Looms
The handloom sector was in bad shape when DeMo gave it fresh blow
Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari
Hand-Woven Darkness

Well before the sun rises on the ghats of Banaras, Abdul Hasrat wakes up and cleans the cycle rickshaw he recently acquired. Closer to dawn, he pulls it from his neighbourhood in Jaitpura-Chora colony in the city to start his day’s work, earning 20-30 rup­ees for each ride. Daily pickings vary, but stay within a stable range: say, an average of Rs 200. He’s happy, but therein lies one of the harshest indictments possible of the scenario in India’s craft traditions—and the state of artisans within it.

For a year ago, Hasrat was part of the Banarasi silk weavers, and earned around Rs 1,000-1,200 a week, till even that started getting wobbly. “After notebandi, the Banarasi silk production has been on a decline. I have a family to feed,” he says.

This story resonates with local artisans of all hues—even small traders linked to these informal sectors. The handicrafts and handlooms sector, alre­ady in a delicate state of health in a market dominated by mass-produced goods, has had to face blow after blow in the...

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