02 March, 2021

Halal Lipstick, Anyone?

Halal cosmetics arrive as idea and product

Mayur Bhatt
Halal Lipstick, Anyone?

Jain sisters offering halal products? Ones free of pig fat, gelatin, keratin and other animal-derived ingredients, alcohol and harsh chemicals such as sulphates and parabens? Well, the word halal in a broader term means ‘permissible’ and it’s that what inspired Mauli Teli, 32, and her sister Grishma, 28, to launch their first-of-its kind beauty range in 2014, calling in Iba Halal Care.

Before they knew it, the cosmetics had become all the rage in Ahmedabad. “Yes, the lipsticks aren’t long-lasting, but that’s because it is shea butter you are using, not lead,” says Farin Jafri, a make-up artiste from Ahmedabad. Word has reached the metros too and the finicky organic-only types are fast warming up to the idea.

After organic and vegan food, the wave seems to have reached the beauty industry as well. Celebs like Miranda Kerr touting all-natural makeup and skin care has also helped. Halal cosmetics are composed mostly of natural ingredients, like rose petals, fruits of heaven (a blend of pomegranate, dates, fig and grape...

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