26 January, 2021

‘Haan. Abhi Aa Raha Tha Woh Manish Tiwari Ka (Statement)...’

R.K. Chandolia, May 22, 2009

‘Haan. Abhi Aa Raha Tha Woh Manish Tiwari Ka (Statement)...’

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Here, Radia claims how she has used Barkha Dutt, group editor, English news, NDTV, to get Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari to issue a statement clearing some of the misgivings voiced by T.R. Baalu about portfolio allocation. He had been sent to Delhi to meet the Congress leadership with a message from Karunanidhi. But Baalu also spoke to the media. Radia also talks about the need to get Raja in for a second stint as telecom minister and to keep Dayanaidhi Maran out.

NR: Congress ne toh kal thank god statement issue kar diya hai. Barkha ne karva liya kal us se. That it’s not about individuals.

RKC: Haan. Woh toh maine dekh liya hai. Woh toh aa gaya na. Abhi aa raha tha woh Manish Tiwari ka (statement).

NR: Woh karana bahut zaroori...



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