11 May, 2021

Gurcharan Das

These days my head is full of positive thoughts of Modi-led India. He should not bother about Godhra or 2002 riots

Illustration by Sorit
Gurcharan Das

As mentioned in my Sunday Times column, it has been an exhilarating month despite what the media says. Watching Narendra Modi’s triumphal march on TV screens was like watching Roman legions march in old De Mille cinemascope films, sweeping aside all opposition. Wherever I turn I see progress and a new awakening. In my column I mentioned watching on the TV screen a Muslim boy, Fareed, full of confidence and hope on the streets of a UP town commenting with a flirtatious smile on a beautiful TV reporter and making her blush. He believes that Modi and Muslim meant jobs and development. These pictures symbolise the Modi era, not the one of a pleading, teary-eyed Muslim man begging for his life from Hindu ‘eliminators’ during the 2002 riots.

Intellectuals should have short memories, remember Fareed but not the crying Muslim youth. Why am I so confid­ent that Modi will usher in a golden era for India? Well, the very thought of Modi the PM elevates one’s thou­ghts. Take Satyapal Singh, an ordinary pol­ice commissioner of Mumbai. He had...

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