24 June, 2021

Gunpowder Blot

New York’s lucky reprieve has yet again marked Pakistan as the bombers’ base

Gunpowder Blot

Pakistan is still producing an estimated 10,000 potential jehadis a year, wrote The Washington Times editor-at-large, Arnaud de Borchgrave, recently. He had in mind some 11,000 madrassas that produce 5,00,000 graduates annually, whose poverty renders them susceptible to extremism, as well as coercion and blandishments to join terror groups. But the arrest of the western-educated Faisal Shahzad—whose upper-class, modern credentials would have easily won white American acceptance—for the aborted Times Square bombing in New York is testimony to the virus of extremism afflicting Pakistan across class boundaries. Neither modernity nor wealth necessarily inoculates the Pakistani from contracting the jehadi infection.

Look at Shahzad’s profile—he’s the son of a former air vice marshal, obtained his Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the US, where he settled to hold jobs at cosmetic giant Elizabeth Arden, before switching to financial marketing services company Affinion Group. He married an American...

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