21 October, 2020

Guilt-Free Beef

Guilt-Free Beef
I have a confession to make. A big, juicy confession, best served up with Yorkshire pudding and horseradish sauce. I like beef! Other meats are OK, but beef is best. All I can say in extenuation is that it's a national weakness. The English were not nicknamed the 'rosbifs' for nothing, and much as I abhor national stereotyping, on this count I am guilty as charged.

For the beef-eater, Delhi is a hardship posting. Once in a while, I scamper off to a five-star hotel to sample a bit of buffalo meat. But even that consolation is notto be in my Nizamuddin barsati. "Satye Singh is a great cook," my predecessor told me as he bequeathed his flat and household staff. "But never ask him to make steak. We used to once in a while," he confided. "Until the day he came up to me and said, sahib, cooking beef is like cooking my own mother!" Satye Singh has since been solemnly assured not only that he will never be required to prepare steak, but also that his kitchen will never be sullied by the meat of cow or buffalo.

Which all goes to explain why, when in Islamabad, I...



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