17 April, 2021

Ground Zeroes

The war against terror has only strengthened the despots in the region, fanning more disaffection

Ground Zeroes
One year into the global war against terrorism and the world can congratulate itself that Al Qaeda and the Taliban no longer pose a military threat to Afghanistan and the surrounding region. But tactical failures of the US military forces have led to thousands of Al Qaeda militants escaping the dragnet around Afghanistan and permeating the world with more dangerous and secretive terrorist groups, who will strike again in western capitals sooner rather than later. Across Central and South Asia, though, the aftermath of the war in Afghanistan has led to growing instability and domestic political crises in every country. These political crises, virtually ignored by the West, are unpredictable and likely to define the coming 12 months rather than the continuing war against Al Qaeda.

Obsessed with its single-track policy of hunting down Al Qaeda leaders, the US has not attempted to deal with the political ferment in the region. Its strategy, leave alone its tactics, have changed little from the time the Taliban collapsed in December 2001. The Pentagon and the cia still dominate...

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