27 July, 2021

Grisly Spoils

The battle for Baghdad could be the fiercest yet in the war. But it's the ordinary citizens taking the brunt.

Grisly Spoils
In the darkness of Baghdad under siege, the first victims of the ground war in the capital’s vicinity began falling in the dozens. Reports suggested that ordinary citizens were called by Iraqi military by loudspeaker to defend the airport, the first piece of Baghdad real estate to be touched by coalition forces in their advance into the heart of Saddam Hussein’s regime. American and British soldiers took them on, inflicting heavy casualties in what’s expected to be the fiercest battle yet in the war in Iraq. Early Friday morning, the US provided a chilling, precise death count around the airport—320 Iraqi soldiers dead.

More than two weeks after coalition forces fired their first missiles, the lights went out in Baghdad. No one knows who flicked the switch, or why. It’s not clear yet how long it will take the coalition forces to take the city. In his speeches before the war, Saddam promised that if the US showed up at his doorstep in Baghdad, he would engage them in urban fighting—not their strong suit—and inflict enough casualties to turn even the most ardent...

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