08 March, 2021

Grease On The Lens

The CBI’s arbitrary ‘rewards’ to its own is wastage of public funds

Grease On The Lens

Tokens Of Appreciation

  • Jamiruddin, Constable, Calcutta - Rs 7,000
    For good work. No details given on the reason behind the cash reward.
  • Satya Kishore Singh, Constable, Jharkhand - Rs 1,250
    For good work on holidays and beyond office hours and valuable assistance during visits of senior officers.
  • R.K. Jha, SI, Anti-corruption branch - Rs 750
    For good work done during visit of the CBI director.
  • N. KrishnaConstable, Bangalore - Rs 1,650
    For “accident- free” driving of vehicle.
  • J. Ravichandran CBI Special Crimes - Rs 500
    For attending courts of the judicial magistrate.
  • R. Valavan, Inspector, Chennai - Rs 1,500
    Good work...

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