16 May, 2021

Gravy On His Fingers

Zardari's run for president drags democracy further in the mud

Gravy On His Fingers

Wading Through The Mudslide

A slew of corruption cases had been filed against Asif Ali Zardari, or Mr 10 per cent, but these were quashed by the National Reconciliation Order promulgated by the Musharraf regime. A look at some of the charges against him:

  • Benami accounts: Accused of holding Swiss bank accounts containing $1.5 billion amassed from money laundering. Of this, $13.7 million was frozen by the Swiss authorities in 1997.
  • The assets case: Properties of 155 people in Pakistan were frozen on the ground that these actually belonged to Zardari.
  • The Polish tractors case: He is supposed to have accepted $2 million in kickbacks from the Polish firm Ursus for supplying low-cost tractors to Pakistan in 1997.
  • The polo ground case: Illegally used the Capital Development Authority to build a polo ground in the prime minister’s house, where horses were fed apple murabba.
  • The ARY gold case: Zardari is...

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