24 July, 2021

Grant Morisson

The comic book writer on his latest Indian endeavour—Avatarex, and the comic life

Grant Morisson

Tell us about Avatarex.

In Avatarex, the epic world collides with the realities and cultural upheavals of contemporary India.

Why the decision to move east with superheroes and comics?

I wanted to explore the reactionary soldiers who arise from cultures with more faith in tomorrow unlike the west, where the future is to be feared.

You’ve now worked on two comics with Graphic India.

Yes and the work I have done with amazing Indian artists is changing my perception of Indian graphic novels.

Why are you collaborating with Humble Bundle, an online comic portal that divides the proceeds between creators and NGOs?

It gives me a chance to make a difference in the all-important fight against poverty and illiteracy.

Tell us about your first comic book series: 18 Days in India.

18 Days is a reimagining of the Mahabharata, turning it into science-fiction.

You have worked with...

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