23 October, 2020

Grab Mangoes—They Are Forever

The sugar in mango is natural, exactly like the way mother nature designed it to be.

Illustration by Saahil
Grab Mangoes—They Are Forever

The mango season is here and so is the fear. Just to state the fact, mango is just as fattening, or not, as the apple. The reason why you never feared apples is... 1. It doesn’t taste as good as mangoes, 2. It is promoted by doctors and dieticians, 3. You even learnt about it in school.

Tasty is not the same as fattening; just as yucky is not the same as healthy. The sweetness of the mango is its primary virtue. And the sugar in mango is natural, exactly like the way mother nature designed it to be. Eating a fruit that is naturally sweet only helps you. Eating a ‘naturally sweetened’ cupcake/ice cream will not.

Doctors and dieticians, just like us, are influenced by the incessant marketing and messages from the food industry. So naturally, they believe that fibre from breakfast oats reduces cholesterol and overlook the fact that mango is a fibre-rich fruit too. That’s because small farmers who grow mangoes don’t have the marketing budgets like big food companies to send ‘public health’ messages about fibre and its...



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