02 August, 2021

Gowda Calls The Shots

All in a week's work: The PM hikes petrol prices, nurses injured egos and throws out a rebel

Gowda Calls The Shots

AS if the problems thrown up by the tragicomic pantomime that wannabe ministers in the Deve Gowda Government indulged in through the past fortnight were not enough, the sudden and sharp 30 per cent hike in the price of petroleum products announced on July 3 ensured that the 'crisis-a-week government' lived up to its name. Even though the crisis was more one of public posture—with all United Front constituents, including the Janata Dal, playing to the gallery and justifiably apprehensive that the BJP and the Congress had been handed a stick to beat them with—the manner and timing of the announcement proved to a be a bit sticky.

So while the troubles that have plagued the United Front Government since it took office a little over a month ago continue, the latest fracas has had some interesting consequences. Not least that Prime Minister Deve Gowda is keen on stamping his authority on the unwieldy ruling coalition.

The howls of protest against the petrol price hike were led by the CPI(M) and followed up by Chief Ministers M....

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