12 April, 2021

Govind Yadav, Bhopal

Born July 7, 1995

Vivek Pateria
Govind Yadav, Bhopal

Govind is a go-getter. A wrestler from the time he was 12, he recently won a silver medal at a national wrestling competition in Haryana. From the beginning, he felt that “focusing my energy on a competitive sport can help my family come out of poverty”. His father, an autorickshaw driver, takes care of a seven-member family, and Govind is determined to do his bit to help. Govind’s already helped his family move into a decent boarding facility, a far cry from the kuccha house they lived in before, thanks to his selection to the Madhya Pradesh Sports Academy.

My idea of India

I want my country to be recognised as a force in the field of sports. I want to see India right among the top countries at international sporting events.

Will I vote?

Yes, I will, but I’d rather not disclose who I will cast my vote for.

What makes me angry

When someone—and this could even be a friend—keeps me away from my...

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